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From G√ľnter Knauf <>
Subject Re: Current Connector Development
Date Mon, 14 Feb 2005 08:32:38 GMT
Hi Mladen,
> First, I must say that mod_jk does not require APR neither it will.
> So your concerns about dropping 1.3 support are not standing.
ok, good.

> The main reason for continuing mod_jk development is the fact
> that mod_jk was more stable on more platforms then jk2 was.
> Adding new things to mod_jk does not mean it will be less unstable
> then it is or is not already. What I'm trying to do is to port back
> all the good things from jk2 like dynamic config and status, without
> braking any existing platform supported.

> Also, the current development version is just like said *development*.
> If it's broken between two commits, it doesn't mean it will stay as
> such :). AFAICS we only have one or two parameter conversion issues.
sure, and that was not my concern.

> And sure, we tried various ways for connectors, that sometimes lead
> to quite fuzzy directions and agreements.
> As things are now standing, mod_jk will continue support for the
> following servers:
> apache 1.3.x, apache 2.0.x, IIS, Netscape. (Domino is down I think,
> because nobody cares, thought).
ok, fine. BTW. for Netscape on NW applies the same as for Apache 1.3.x.

> Next release will have jk_status page for dynamic config and status,
> as well as runtime monitoring and reloading.
> This will only allow changing of existing parameters, not creating new
> workers like in jk2.
> This is also the last of major design change to mod_jk that I'm willing
> to port back from jk2, and after that it will be more or less frozen
> from design perspective. There was a try to implement AJP14 protocol,
> but IMHO mod_jk design doesn't allow us to do that.

> Apache 2.1/2.2 has mod_proxy_ajp with the active development, and
> surprisingly stable :).
what's missing for 2.0.x? cant we just compile it for the 2.0.x series too?

thanks very much for the update - although one point you didnt mention:
what was the reason that you stopped with mod_jk2? 

greets, Guenter.

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