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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: DO NOT REPLY [Bug 33339] - Shutdown script down not work
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2005 21:22:25 GMT wrote:

> 3) Cygwin is definatley NOT a good platform for testing Linux bugs on.

However testing with all possible linux distributions is not a good 
choice either.

And distributions based on 'latest' version of everything plus all kind 
of experimental/non stable/vendor specific stuff -  like fedora - are 
not the best choice for a supported platform.

Can you reproduce it on RHEL or RH9 ?  If not - report the bug on fedora.

> 4) Do you want to tell the Fedora guys that the Tomcat developers
> official view of Fedora Core 2 is that its' a "crappy distro"?

It is not 'official view' - but some developers have issues with FC :-)

> 5) Do you expect me to re-install my system just to get Tomcat working?,
> It's easier to replace Tomcat with Jetty than it would be to resintall
> my machine with one of the distros that you don't consider "crappy"

I believe a lot of products ( and not only java ) officially support 
only few distributions. We can't ask you to re-install your system - but 
you can't ask us to reinstall and test your favorite distro either. 
There are just too many incompatible linux distributions.

If jetty works on your linux distro - just use it. It's a fine open 
source product. Or you can use resin or any other server.

> Now I'd like to help resolve this, but at the moment all I'm seeing is a
> wall of "not interesting, can't be bothered, lets' mark it as invalid
> because I can't reproduce on my own personal setup". Which kinda

Probably the comments should be more explicit - like 'unsupported 
platform / not reproductible on supported platforms '.


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