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From G√ľnter Knauf <>
Subject Re: Current Connector Development
Date Mon, 14 Feb 2005 06:08:49 GMT
> I don't see mod_jk ending up the same as mod_jk2 in that:
>   1) The configuration is relatively sane as compared to that of mod_jk2
>   2) There are many reasonably stable mod_jk versions, so even *if*
> Mladen screws up a release there are plenty of alternative mod_jk
> versions.
unfortunately the situation on NetWare platform is a bit other, just to make that clear to
although APR is fully functional on NetWare it can only be consumed by Apache 2.x and never
from Apache 1.3.x - hence if APR gets mandatory for mod_jk then NetWare Apache 1.3 gets broken
(and perhaps not only NetWare) for ever. The same applies to SHM.

> It would be great if everyone could move to mod_proxy_ajp, but I believe
> that still requires Apache 2.1/2.2 -- which means it has not yet arrived
> for the majority of us.
it would be of interest if we can now already compile the module with the 2.0.x series; 
then I would love to provide binaries for NetWare and Win32 on my site, and we will see what
the users think...

> I personally applaud Mladen for his efforts to fix/improve/maintain
> mod_jk given that that is the reality for most of us.
the same from my side - and to make that absolutely clear: that was nothing against Mladen's
work, but more a curious question why directions changed, and a prognose what this will probably
cause for NetWare.


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