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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Logging (was: Re: cvs commit: jakarta-tomcat-catalina/catalina/src/share/org/apache/catalina/realm
Date Sat, 19 Feb 2005 10:55:31 GMT
Jan Luehe wrote:
> Remy,
> Remy Maucherat wrote:
>>Jan Luehe wrote:
>>It's a little risky. We should use the container logger only while the 
>>classloader is initialized.
>>It's probably far from perfect ;)
> Then how about RealmBase.authenticate()?
> RealmBase.authenticate(String username, String credentials)
> uses Container.getLogger(), whereas the other RealmBase.authenticate()
> methods use LogFactory.getLog(). Shouldn't this be consistent?
> This is where my confusion has stemmed from.

Well, yes, it's a problem. It's simple: as soon as the container is 
started, all the container logging should go to container.getLogger(), 
as it used to in Tomcat 4.x.

That was my idea.

> If you agree, I can help make the inconsistent cases consistent.


>>In parallel, I want to start a commons component about a j.u.logging 
>>implementation keyed per classloader (as seen in bug 33143; it may be 
>>expanded a little later to allow per classloader configuration).
>>I'm looking for committers for the proposal :)
> Sounds interesting!

Actually, it's not a very interesting project ;)

The support for j.u.logging is bad at the moment, as there is no (to my 
knowledge) implementation of j.u.logging which can realistically be used 
in a server like Tomcat. I hope the core (log manager + rotatable 
logger) can fit inside a JAR smaller than c-l-api.

Before moving to commons (svn is scaring me ;) ), I think I should start 
putting the code together in j-t-c/juli (as mentioned, juli means Java 
Util Logging Implementation). Is that ok ? (and is the name ok ?)


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