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From Dominik Drzewiecki <>
Subject Re: 5.5.8 ?
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2005 23:02:54 GMT
Dominik Drzewiecki wrote:
>>The list of fixes gets longer, and there were actually two regressions 
>>in 5.5.7:
>>- JSP precompilation with taglibs in some cases
>>- DataSource realm connection leaking; the fix needs testing
> I did some testing in a webapp I currently develop. And the fixed 
> DataSourceRealm seems to work. No more leaking - at least the Realm returns 
> all leased connections to the pool. However I observe increasing number of 
> database backends after several subsequent redeployments. Since the 
> datasource defined in application's context.xml serves connections to both 
> DataSourceRealm as well as the application itself (Hibernate Session, to be 
> exact), I suspect that there's something wrong with the DataSource cleanup 
> peformed on undeployment. I'll look into it today evening. Any 
> thoughts/suggestions are welcome.

I confirm, that the new DataSourceRealm is not a source of 
aforementioned leaked connections. The real origin of the leak was the 
fact that the Spring ContextLoaderListener couldn't properly release all 
the beans on undeploy/stop as the context parameters have been removed 
before listener's contextDestroyed() invocation. AFAIK this has also 
been fixed (bug 33463)

FYI, I tested DataSourceRealm with PostgreSQL 8.0.


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