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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Re: SVN migration?
Date Sat, 05 Feb 2005 18:57:16 GMT
On Fri, 04 Feb 2005 19:16:03 -0800, Costin Manolache
<> wrote:
> I like SVN a lot - and for a new project probably I would choose it if
> there is a choice - or other places are cvs only.  But I don't
> think all the pain for switching tomcat is justified, and switching few
> repositories but not others is even worse.

+1. Definite disservice to the subcommunity if you are straddling two
source control systems.

> Unless we're going to do major reorganization of the code ( move
> directories around ) or we start some complex branches, or we have any
> other need where SVN is much better than CVS - I would say it's better
> for everyone to stick with the stable environment.

I'll start to maintain a list of "Want to stay in CVS for the near
future", and I'll add Tomcat/ServletAPI/Watchdog to that, as I think
those are the groups that this list represents :)


1) Eclipse support (nobody has mentioned a different IDE yet)
2) A lot to do when there's no driving need to migrate.


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