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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: adding features to Status servlet
Date Mon, 03 Jan 2005 19:17:45 GMT
Why don't you check in some of this to j-t-c or some 'proposal' area ?

AFAIK apr has a lot of functionality, but not everything is included.
It would be nice if it is not limited to apr.

Usually with JNI the hardest part is to build, distribute and then set 
it up and debug ld_library_path issues. If you do it for one library, 
it's easy to add more.


Mladen Turk wrote:
> Peter Lin wrote:
>> that sounds great. does it have support for sysinfo?  if it does, I'll
>> try using your apr-java package.
> No, but it's up to us to decide what will go inside.
> APR is included, but I wish to leave that as open as
> it could be.
> It already have win32.c,unix.c and netware.c files
> for platform specific stuff that APR doesn't offer.
> Having sysinfo sounds good to me. WIN32 has also good
> performance data gathering, and I'm sure that Netware has
> them too.
> I also wish to include the OS specific things from
> httpd like setting group, user, sending data to child
> process, etc...
> What matters is that we'll have a generic native component,
> with well defined build and distribution specification.
> Mladen.

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