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From Stephane Bailliez <>
Subject [Q] TC 5.5.x/TC 5.0.x
Date Mon, 03 Jan 2005 15:38:33 GMT

Could you guys clarify a bit the development effort on TC 5 ?
(Note: i'm asking the question since I was unable to find such info on 
the ml archive despite the TC5.5 thread many moons ago)

I'd appreciate to know what I can recommend as a Servlet 2.4/ JSP 2.0 
production ready container.

AFAIK development effort is focused on 5.5.x and some stuff backported 
in 5.0.x. Until what point is it reasonable to expect something on the 
5.0.x branch ? Did you agree on a pseudo milestone to drop support ?

5.5.x uses JRE 5.0 which may or may not be appropriate for many 
organizations, so 5.0.x remains an in-between alternative for many 
environments, but I'd like your developer opinion on the status of each 
  branch as of today.

NB: I would recommend stating clearly on the front page that TC5.5 
requires JRE 5.0 rather than only on the download info as it may be 
confusing to users.



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