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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: IP issues
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2005 22:49:36 GMT
Mark Thomas wrote:
> Having raised this in the legal-discuss mailing list, the result was 
> that there is actually no issue to worry about here. See 

> for details.
> With this in mind we need to consider what, if anything, to do now. I 
> see the following options:
> TC5
> - Need to populate
> Options
> 1. Do nothing. Wait for patches to be submitted.
> 2. Re-instate the contents of the properties file based on Jason's 
> previous class and include appropriate text in the NOTICE file. 
> Something like:
> <notice>
> is based on code originally 
> written by Jason Hunter [] as part of the book "Java 
> Servlet Programming" (O'Reilly). See <a 
> href=""></a> for 
> more information. Used with permission under the Apache 1.1 license.
> </notice>
> TC4
> - Don't need to do anything
> Options
> 1. Do nothing
> 2. Port Remy's enhancements to o.a.c.util.CharsetMapper
> TC3
> - Uses o.a.t.util.http.LocalToCharSetMap which has been deleted
> Options
> 1. Re-instate the file.
> 2. Work around it as suggested in Bill's previous e-mail
> My own views are:
> TC 5 - option 2
> TC 4 - option 2
> TC 3 - option 1 (less effort for us)

I think we're going nowhere. If the ASF doesn't make it clear that there 
are no redistribution IP issues because of licensing pollution, then I 
don't think my company will feel safe continuing contributing to this 
project since our customers will no longer feel confident using our 
product. This is a problem ;) It's as simple as that. So we would have 
to start maintaining our own branch, which basically means forking. I 
suppose every vendor does that, of course, but it's still quite 
disppointing (as then, the temptation exists to "add value" to our own 
tree) ...

Tomcat will work perfectly well without this code, so I do not see the 
point reintroducing it accompanied with ambiguous legal and advertising 
statements. This "code" (it's a set of name value pairs, so it's not 
really code actually) was improperly sneaked into the Tomcat codebase, 
so I think we should get rid of it.


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