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From Julian Reschke <>
Subject Expect: 100-continue
Date Wed, 19 Jan 2005 09:42:50 GMT

Looking at <>:

The servlet API provides no means of controlling the 100- continue 
response when the user agent expects it, and doesn't specify when it is 
or is not sent by the servlet container. It should do so.  One 
suggestion to handle this would be:

1. Add a method to HttpServletRequest called acceptRequest or some such, 
which causes a 100-continue to be sent. acceptRequest would have no 
effect if the user agent doesn't expect a 100-continue.

2. Specify that 100-continue will not be sent until one of the following 
happens to the request object:

    a. acceptRequest() is called
    b. getInputStream() or getReader() is called
    c. For the POST method, getParameter() or similar is called.

This would be compatible with the current specification (though not with 
current tomcat, which always sends 100- continue immediately), but 
provide the ability for better control.

Does Tomcat5 (or 4, for that matter) actually implement one of these 
options (2b&c, for instance)?

Best regards, Julian

<green/>bytes GmbH -- -- tel:+492512807760

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