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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: IP issues
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2005 03:58:14 GMT
Jason Hunter wrote:

>> nor see why we need an exception for such a such a small amount of code.
> You need an exception because (a) the code was included from a third 
> party codebase and (b) a lot of research and testing went into compiling 
> the map used by the mapper.
>> I can easily add an @author tag for you in the relevant files, but the 
>> comment currently creates a legal doubt.
> As I wrote in my email and for the archived record, I want the classes 
> to have the recognition that is expected when Apache includes code from 
> a third party library that's under a license that requires attribution 
> (just like Apache's).

The files says "copyright ASF" - but it seems that's not completely 
accurate ( I assume someone mistakenly removed your "Copyright Jason 
Hunder" ? ).

As an author, you should be able to keep any notice that you consider 
apropriate. If you didn't explicitely assign the coypright to ASF ( or 
to Sun ), than I don't think it would be right for anyone to remove your 
name or attribution.

If you did assign the rights to ASF - then as you know anything can be 
removed or changed by the new owner, including @author tags or any 
mention of previous author ( just make sure your name does gets into 
whatever obscure file lists all people who contributed something ) :-)

>> Note: Many companies and individuals donated more than these 10 lines 
>> of code, 

> Yes, and I too donated plenty of code to the Tomcat codebase.  But these 
> classes I donated (to Sun at the time) with attribution because they 
> were from a separate, pre-existing codebase with a life of its own.
> If you write a book and include a paragraph from someone else's book 
> with permission, you mention it and you point at the source of the 
> original work.  You don't just say, "Written by author X" you say, 
> "Written by author X as part of book Y, published by Z."  That's why the 
> attribution I put on those classes includes the who, what, and where.  I 
> see it as the ethical thing to do.

I fully agree. Doesn't matter how small a contribution is ( or looks at 
some later time ), keeping the reference to the author and whatever else 
the author wants to include is the right thing to do ( if the code is 
accepted and used ).

Too bad what's ethical doesn't matter that much, only copyrights and IP 
ownership  :-)


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