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From Kieu Huu Dung <>
Subject filter and session in differents webapps
Date Sun, 09 Jan 2005 21:57:08 GMT
Hi everyone,

We have a web site using Tomat 5.0.28, and about 10
webapps (developped by different programmers).

I'm in webmaster role, want to use a filter for all
these webapps. In my filter, I want to retrieve the
session object, code is like following :

HttpServletRequest hrequest = (HttpServletRequest)
request; // request is ServletRequest

HttpSession session = hrequest.getSession(); // 2

String sessionId = session.getId(); //3

The problem is after line 2 for each webapp, another
session object is created. So I can share infos about
session between many webapps.
(The sessionID returned from line 3, is diffrent in
different webapps
Our site use Realm with MySQL db for authentication).

Now I would like all my webapps work with only one
session object, but I can't configure it (sessionID is
the same, attributes are also the same)

Any idea is welcome.



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