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From "Robert Grant" <>
Subject Re: Detecting Tomcat install
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2004 10:24:16 GMT

Thanks for the response.
I am writing an installer, and would like to be able to cope with many
different versions of Tomcat, and at least be able to detect the version and
say it isn't compatible, rather than only being able to detect 5.0 and
greate version (especially since the program that the installer installs
will work on any version from Tomcat 4.0.6!)

Hope someone can help


Tim wrote:
>Starting after 5.0.(I forget) - There is a command line program
>(or version.bat).
>All it does is echo the property in
>Robert Grant wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I have to write an installer which detects the presence of Apache Tomcat
>> (minimum version 4.0.6) and wondered what the best way of doing this was.
>> I'm happy to check for the presence of Registry entries, but searching
>> Net I'm unsure of where (on ANY Tomcat install, regardless of version) I
>> find a version number; my impression is that the keys shift position
>> depending on the version of the Tomcat install.
>> Any help greatly appreciated!

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