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From Gabriele Garuglieri <>
Subject Re: tomcat5w.exe problems
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2004 11:13:12 GMT
Mladen Turk wrote:
> Who will ever wish to do something like that and for what purpose?
Me, for instance :)?

Hi Mladen,
i was almost certain that someone would have thought i'm mad, well i'll try to explain, but
it's not that simple and language don't help either.

Our group is actively developing on Tomcat and not everybody in the group has the skill, or
want to bother about Tomcat installation and update, so i built using NSIS (i must admit i
initially predated your tomcat.nsi) an installer that build all the structure needed to run
a Tomcat server, installs some support scripts, configures the server.xml with the rigth ports
and other  parameters (taken from a configuration page), builds and configure log4j support
(without touching the tomcat installation thanks to, build a service
for this server and builds all the shortcuts needed to start/stop the service, remove/install
the service, and/or start/stop manually the server.

This means that with a single, read only, tomcat installation (thanks to catalina.base) i
can configure multiple servers in a single machine and manage each of it as a service or as
a manually started server.
Think, i can even test clustered configurations in my machine with minimum effort.

This also allow for easy Tomcat update because nothing of of my configurations is within the
tomcat installation structure like it is if i use the Tomcat5 service that comes as default.

It was during the tests for all this stuff that i found those errors.

Can i qualify as an advanced Tomcat user?


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