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From Mladen Turk <>
Subject Adding header action filters to Catalina connector
Date Mon, 06 Dec 2004 12:04:43 GMT
Hi All,

What would be the proper solution for the following problems:

1. Having server wide API for setting outgoing header.
There should be a callback that can call a registered method
for each registered header value.

2. Having server wide API for taking actions on the
particular registered input header value.

Could something like that be accomplished with the current
filters API or some extra core coding is required?

For example:
I wish to register a class that will when request with 'FOO=BAR'
header is received (either in or out) an action will be taken
with the 'BAR' and direction param.

The purpose for that would be:
    Tomcat's (X_TOMCAT_QUERY) handler will be called with
    AVERAGE_PROC_TIME param, gather stat and...
2. Tomcat out header filter for X_TOMCAT_QUERY
    will on respond insert header X_TOMCAT_QUERY_AVERAGE_PROC_TIME=107

Any ideas?


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