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From Sriram N <>
Subject Re: Where shud i start from??
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2004 14:51:15 GMT

--- Gokul Jeyapaul <> wrote:

> Respected Sirs,
>  Im in the process of understanding the complete Tomcats source code so that
> i can write my own servlet container and JSP container.

Is this some college project ? Tomcat is pretty vast, and it should take you
about a months worth of serious reading to understand how it works.

>  Where i shud i start from??I downloaded some source codes ..Whn i tried to
> go thro it i felt like im in a maze..I just didnt understand how things work?
>  So please guide me thro this 
>  I wud be grateful

Locate the architecture documents within the documentation and read them. 

Also, load the source within a good IDE like Eclipse, and start tracing Tomcat
from the time it starts up. As an exercise, figure out how Tomcat starts.

You'll discover that there's really no application such as Tomcat. It's a
number of different components that are all assembled together to create a
Servlet container that also bundles a JSP Engine.

> regds,
> Gokul
Best of luck,

-- Sriram

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