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From Ben Souther <>
Subject Re: Case insensitive URLs: Issue #32806
Date Wed, 22 Dec 2004 20:39:53 GMT

> This is a continuation of the discussion here:
> 	Ben, I understand the example you posted as comment #8 but I
> feel this is best handled in release notes. You should dedicate a
> section to "migration notes" and discuss this and many other concerns.
> I'm sure case-sensitivity is only one of many potential concerns with
> migrating or upgrading Tomcat. Aside from the example you gave (caused
> by migration) are there any other security concerns?
> Thank you,
> Gili

To be honest with you, I don't know.  I, personally, prefer case
sensitive environments.  With the exception of IIS, I've never had to
work with an app server that wasn't case-sensitive.  When I type 'a', I
mean 'a', not ('a' or 'A').  For that reason, I've never researched the

Since the naming convention in Java depends on case-sensitivity, I
suspect that the majority of Servlet/JSP developers feel the same way.

Pursue it if you like but I suspect it will fall on deaf ears, both here
and with the Spec group.  

When in Rome..... ;)


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