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From Nishant Kumar <>
Subject executing jsp independently
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2004 06:08:54 GMT
	I am generating a html report using JSP. we also exporting this report
to pdf. since the fop conversion takes quite a long time we have to do
this export asynchronously. for this we have to use velocity. is there
any way i can use JSP for this purpose.
	Had it been sync, we could have used JSP to create the fo which could
have been transformed using a filter. but in the async mode tomcat
reuses the same request and response objects for some other request, so
can't use this trick.
	Though JSP and servlets are meant for synchronous request handling, I
THINK executing JSP independently should be possible if we are able to
pass it some dummy request and response objects.
	I am ready to tinker with tomcat code locally to get this working. Any
advice or pointers to relevant piece of code?? I think this is dev
question, if not I am sorry for posting on the wrong list.


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