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From Filipe Lautert <>
Subject tomcat stop listen but doesn't close pool
Date Thu, 09 Dec 2004 13:00:24 GMT


I think it's a bug, but just want to confirm it with you:

I have an apllication that uses hibernate + jndi. it has a connection
pool with a postgresql server. When I run the shutdown scripts of tomcat
( or stop), tomcat stop to listen at port 8080
but does not close the pool. The java process don't die. It stays alive,
but without listen at http port. Then, when i start again tomcat, it
opens a new pool and so on, till I have an out of memory in my machine
(because of the java processes that still alive) or I reach the maximum
number of connections of postgresql.

I'm wrong, or tomcat should free all resources it has and simply die
when I stop him?

I'm asking this because I have another tomcat that doesn't uses jndi and
when I run the shutdown scripts, the process ceases.



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