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From "Svante Olofsson" <>
Subject IP security constraint
Date Fri, 03 Dec 2004 07:47:03 GMT

First off, I think Tomcat is a great product. Thanks! 

Secondly, do you have any plans on adding something like to web.xml:

        <web-resource-name>My Webapp</web-resource-name>

        <web-resource-name>My Webapp</web-resource-name>

I have looked at the documentation and web, but could not find any other
information than a commercial package from Cafesoft. I think this kind of
access control would be very useful since webapps can have static pages that
should be denied for everyone but a certain ip-range. Example: Customer 1
has access to a service with a certain look-and-feel and some customer
specific mods. The name of the page that Customer 1 uses to access the
webapp is cust1.html and that passes on some parameters. Customer 2 uses the
same webapp but has a different look-and-feel and accesses the SAME webapp
through cust2.html. Now it would be nice to limit access to cust1.html and
cust2.html so that only the respective customer ip-ranges could access them.
I can do this by installing apache and hooking up Tomcat to it, but I would
like to use a standalone solution. The Valve functionality is good but it is
only on webapp level.

Best regards,
Svante Olofsson, CEO
Agentum Technologies Inc.
Tel. +358 2 232 6200
Mob. +358 40 501 6061
Fax. +358 2 215 3307

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