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From "Dominik Drzewiecki" <>
Subject Re: I broke this (I think), but I don't know quite why...
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2004 19:21:14 GMT
> Hi,
> As shows, I
> apparently broke the admin webapp when I made it compile with Struts 1..2
> for Tomcat 5.0.30.  I've looked at it for a bit, and I can't quite
> figure out why it's broken or how to fix it quickly, probably because my
> Struts knowledge is not where it should be.
> The are where they used to be, properly
> packaged in the catalina-admin.jar and on the classpath.  I didn't
> change any of the struts config files either.  So I'm a bit puzzled as
> to why this is broken and would appreciate hints on a fix.
It seems that some JSP using struts taglib is trying to access the 
resources, that simply are not there (in the proper context under proper 
Has the ActionServlet been started beforehand? If not, I suggest doing so 
by adding <load-on-startup>0</load-on-starup> in web.xml
I noticed that there is some trick applied to login.jsp (which *does* use 
<bean:message>) in order to avoid <load-on-startup>. 

<% // Force the initialization of "action" servlet


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