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From "Dominik Drzewiecki" <>
Subject Jar file locking, again
Date Wed, 10 Nov 2004 10:23:13 GMT
I know this has been beaten to death, but may I shed some (new?) light on 
the case of jar file locking?

I suspect that it is the jasper compiler that locks jar files containing 
taglibs. Other jar files, for example the ones containing servlets or 
custom classes, remain "unlocked". I prepared a sample web app comprising 
of two jsps. One of them uses jstl tag and the other is not. After the 
deployment of such a webbapp packaged as war (jsps are not precompiled) it 
is possible to:
1. undeploy/redeploy without having accessed the app
2. undeploy/redeploy after having accessed the "non-tag-infected" jsp

Notice that, "Undeploy" means to me that there are no files left on the 
filesystem (well, if there are any left, then subsequent deploy should 

But it is *not possible* to: undeploy/redeploy after having accessed the 
"tag-infected" jsp. Undeployment leaves jars containing tags on the file 
system (and the only files left are the ones containing tags). Did I 
mention that the default context was configured with the 
antiJARlocking="true"? No tlds have been placed in WEB-INF and no tld 
references have been placed in web.xml (So the tlds have been resolved in 

The only solution to this problem is the precompilation and deployment of 
the app using the deployer package, but such an approach makes it 
impossible to have a single JSP file edited (particularly one containing 

All this leads to the conclusion that it is the jasper-compiler that causes 
the jar lock, is it?
The suspected locked files are *.tld in the taglib jar file.

All tests have been conducted on a clean installation of tomcat 5.5.4 on 
Win XP/2k. 
I'd be more than happy if anyone could investiate this futher rather than 
blaming OS, or tell me that the nature of this problem is a well-known and 

Dominik Drzewiecki

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