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From "Shapira, Yoav" <>
Subject RE: Bug with contextInitialized using otherServletContext.getContext ?
Date Mon, 15 Nov 2004 13:52:52 GMT

First, if you stick with 4.1, you might want to try 4.1.31 instead of
4.1.27 as it's the latest stable release.

However, I don't think what you're reporting is a bug, and so 4.1.27 vs
4.1.31 doesn't matter for this specific issue.  The reason I don't think
it's a bug is that webapp initialization order is not guaranteed: it may
simply be the context you're trying to get hasn't been initialized yet,
so a null return is valid.  Your code should be tolerant of it (and
defer registration, throw an error, or whatever you want).  That also
means a Servlet's init method isn't guaranteed to return the context
object, because it might be called before the container even starts
initializing another webapp.

Yoav Shapira

>-----Original Message-----
>From: Andreas Steffan []
>Sent: Saturday, November 13, 2004 11:42 AM
>Subject: Bug with contextInitialized using
otherServletContext.getContext ?
>Hallo tomcat developers,
>we are using Vignette Application Portal v7.1 on tomcat 4.1.27, and we
>are encountering a problem using a ServletContext to obtain a reference
>to another one.
>The whole story goes as follows:
>The portal (which is a web-application) is configured in server.xml to
>make sure it gets started before the portlet-application. Both
>applications have crossContext set to true. The portlet application
>a ServletContextListener (provided by Vignette) to register with the
>portal (which also is a web-application). In contextInitialized(), this
>ServletContextListener uses the portals ServletContext object invoking
>getContext("/portlet-app-context") to obtain a reference to the
>portlet-applications ServletContext. This call sometimes (seems to
>depend on timing) returns null and makes application unavailable.
>Obtaining the ServletContext from the event on the other hand always
>returns the expected object.
>The spec says that getContext() may return null if the context does not
>exist or the container wishes to restrict access and
>contextInitialized() is called when the web-application is ready to
>process requests.
>The spec and its reference implementation don't seem to make a good
>match here.
>Is it a bug in tomcat that this call returns null ?
>We are very late on a project and need to get out fast. I see three
>possibilities here:
>1. Use tomcat 5.0 if it is a bug in tomcat 4.1 (assuming v5.0 has
>diffrent behaviour and Vignette will support it)
>2. Fix tomcat 4.1
>3. Move initialization to a Servlets init method (assuming that would
>make getContext not return null)
>What would you suggest ?
>Andreas Steffan
>T: +49.40.80 81 69-634
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>SinnerSchrader Neue Informatik
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