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From "Garrison, Meg" <>
Subject RE: contrib directory
Date Mon, 01 Nov 2004 16:14:28 GMT
FWIW, we have recently contributed some OpenVMS-specific changes to Ant,
which they accepted.  We did not contribute to Ant-contrib.

I've signed CLAs for NetBeans, there isn't an issue on this end with
that.  I assume the ASF CLA isn't all that different from the others.

Also, I use cvs from my windows desktop machine to access the cvs server
where the netbeans cvs library resides.  Or, if you really mean we need
a Unix machine, we have lots of those here at HP ;-)

But, in any case, if the only consensus we can reach at this point is
that a tomcat-contrib project would be the best place to host these
sorts of files, then yes, let's do it :-) I personally would prefer that
the tomcat-contrib project only contain contributions like mine and
Leslie's because I think the NetBeans folks would be comfortable taking
things like launchers, rather than experimental stuff, but I realize I
don't really get a say in this.


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From: news [] On Behalf Of Costin Manolache
Sent: Monday, November 01, 2004 12:02 PM
Subject: Re: contrib directory

Garrison, Meg wrote:
> Hi Leslie,
> I'm also willing to maintain the HP OpenVMS scripts.  Rather than 
> create a whole new project (tomcat-contrib) maybe it would be possible

> for the Tomcat folks to grant us commit access to a single 
> module/folder in their CVS library (a contrib folder of some sort).  
> Then they wouldn't have to worry about committing our changes, etc..  
> If we misbehave and don't follow their rules, then they have the
option to "boot us out".
> That's how the NetBeans project does it.  For example, I have commit 
> powers in the core module, which is where the OpenVMS launcher lives, 
> but no other.  Our needs for NetBeans (as yours, I'm sure) require 
> that the default Tomcat distribution contain our launcher 
> doesn't have to be in /bin.

It would be a good idea, but I don't think it is possible at the moment.

Commit access requires a unix account on a machine, at least for cvs. 
Even if this could be solved - there are non-technical problems, ASF
requires a CLA, and a certain review and oversight process.

Ant has an ant-contrib project on sourceforge ( including few ant
committers ). Maybe we should have a tomcat-contrib as well. This would
be a good idea even for committers - there is experimental stuff and
code that is not necesarily "servlet container" but is tomcat related (
like non-http servers, etc ).


> Any other ideas?
> Meg
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> From: Leslie Kishalmi []
> Sent: Friday, October 29, 2004 5:29 PM
> To: Shapira, Yoav
> Cc: Tomcat Developers List; Garrison, Meg
> Subject: Re: contrib directory
> Dear all,
>   I'm willing to spend some of my limited free time to collect, 
> organize and maintain these contributed code.
> However, it is very unlikely that I would be ever a committer on this 
> project with my OS/2 launchers.
> So, as Yoav said, we could find an other committer. Or we could create

> an other project something like tomcat-contrib where we maintain our 
> code.
> Best regards,
> Leslie Kishalmi
> Shapira, Yoav wrote:
>>Yeah, it's gone for now.  The reason is that the maintenance aspect is

>>too hard for the long term.  While I don't doubt the quality of you 
>>anyone else's) work, nothing is perfect.  It is inevitable that the 
>>scripts will need work.  Even if you stay on top of it and keep 
>>submitting patches, someone will have to keep checking for them and 
>>applying them.
>>I'm not interested in doing that work, and other committers apparently

>>aren't interested enough to even comment on what an appropriate place 
>>in CVS might be for these contributions. So I took them out for now.
>>That's not to say they're gone forever.  I can see a couple of 
>>solutions, and that's why I'm doing this thread on tomcat-dev as 
>>opposed to just replying to you personally.
>>One approach is what I'm doing now: contributed stuff is owned by 
>>authors (like you) who post it wherever they want (, personal 
>>sites, whatever), and we link to it from our FAQ and/or wiki pages.
>>This approach solves the long-term maintenance concerns.
>>If this was a one-time effort, I would have done it and we'd be all 
>>by now.  But it's not, and I just don't have the bandwidth to work it 
>>;( Another approach is for someone else with commit privileges to say 
>>they're interested and do what they think is appropriate.  That can 
>>happen at any time, I wouldn't stand in their way obviously, as I'm 
>>principally objecting to these contributions.  I just don't have the 
>>bandwidth to deal with them at this point.
>>So this issue is not dead.  It's just not going to be in 5.0.30/5.5.4.
>>We might also want to raise it on tomcat-user to see if people have 
>>other creative approaches to solving this.
>>>Are you really going to take the contrib directory out?  I was just 
>>>about to make a contribution to you via PayPal as a thank you...
>>Thank you ;)
>>Yoav Shapira
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