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From "Garrison, Meg" <>
Subject RE: contrib directory
Date Mon, 01 Nov 2004 12:02:58 GMT
Hi Leslie,

I'm also willing to maintain the HP OpenVMS scripts.  Rather than create
a whole new project (tomcat-contrib) maybe it would be possible for the
Tomcat folks to grant us commit access to a single module/folder in
their CVS library (a contrib folder of some sort).  Then they wouldn't
have to worry about committing our changes, etc..  If we misbehave and
don't follow their rules, then they have the option to "boot us out".
That's how the NetBeans project does it.  For example, I have commit
powers in the core module, which is where the OpenVMS launcher lives,
but no other.  Our needs for NetBeans (as yours, I'm sure) require that
the default Tomcat distribution contain our launcher
doesn't have to be in /bin.

Any other ideas?


-----Original Message-----
From: Leslie Kishalmi [] 
Sent: Friday, October 29, 2004 5:29 PM
To: Shapira, Yoav
Cc: Tomcat Developers List; Garrison, Meg
Subject: Re: contrib directory

Dear all,

  I'm willing to spend some of my limited free time to collect, organize
and maintain these contributed code.
However, it is very unlikely that I would be ever a committer on this
project with my OS/2 launchers.
So, as Yoav said, we could find an other committer. Or we could create
an other project something like tomcat-contrib where we maintain our

Best regards,
Leslie Kishalmi

Shapira, Yoav wrote:

>Yeah, it's gone for now.  The reason is that the maintenance aspect is 
>too hard for the long term.  While I don't doubt the quality of you (or

>anyone else's) work, nothing is perfect.  It is inevitable that the 
>scripts will need work.  Even if you stay on top of it and keep 
>submitting patches, someone will have to keep checking for them and 
>applying them.
>I'm not interested in doing that work, and other committers apparently 
>aren't interested enough to even comment on what an appropriate place 
>in CVS might be for these contributions. So I took them out for now.
>That's not to say they're gone forever.  I can see a couple of possible

>solutions, and that's why I'm doing this thread on tomcat-dev as 
>opposed to just replying to you personally.
>One approach is what I'm doing now: contributed stuff is owned by 
>authors (like you) who post it wherever they want (, personal web

>sites, whatever), and we link to it from our FAQ and/or wiki pages.
>This approach solves the long-term maintenance concerns.
>If this was a one-time effort, I would have done it and we'd be all set

>by now.  But it's not, and I just don't have the bandwidth to work it 
>;( Another approach is for someone else with commit privileges to say 
>they're interested and do what they think is appropriate.  That can 
>happen at any time, I wouldn't stand in their way obviously, as I'm not

>principally objecting to these contributions.  I just don't have the 
>bandwidth to deal with them at this point.
>So this issue is not dead.  It's just not going to be in 5.0.30/5.5.4.
>We might also want to raise it on tomcat-user to see if people have 
>other creative approaches to solving this.
>>Are you really going to take the contrib directory out?  I was just 
>>about to make a contribution to you via PayPal as a thank you...
>Thank you ;)
>Yoav Shapira
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