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Subject Jasper with eclipse/jetty classloader problem
Date Sun, 07 Nov 2004 18:42:14 GMT

I hope this is the correct mailing list to ask in. I've got a problem with

I'm trying to create a (non-gui) eclipse plugin which provides jetty as a
webserver which is using jasper from the tomcat project. (I cannot use
tomcat itself because it is too heavyweight for the mini-pc this software
is designed for).

My problem: All is working except of JSP compilation. The classpath jasper
assigns javac for the jsp does only contain startup.jar (bootstrapper from
eclipse project) and the tmp directory jetty uses to compile the jsp.

The problem for me is that i do not know that much about the wide range of
classloaders used in this context (eclipse, jetty).

The only thing i've done until now is setting the theads context
classloader  to the classloader from eclipse before the start of jetty.
This solved a startup problem of jetty itself which was unable to find a
few classes.

Do i have to go and hack jetty and jasper to find out more or do you think
i have to ask in another mailing list (i came here because the problem is
directly related to jasper) or can anybody of you say me that im completly
on the wrong way?

thanks & greets,

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