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From Andreas Steffan <>
Subject Re: Bug with contextInitialized using otherServletContext.getContext ?
Date Wed, 17 Nov 2004 13:50:07 GMT
Hallo Yoav,

Shapira, Yoav wrote:
> Hi,
> You wouldn't need to submit a Vignette product or complex WAR to show
> this, if I understand their email correctly.  Submit a zip file with two
> WARs, ie. two webapps / two contents, each one very small and basic.
> Each WAR should be mapped to a different path, have a
> ServletContextListener with a System.out.println of the
> contextInitialized event, and a Servlet or JSP that when requested does
> a ServletContext#getContext request for the other context and prints out
> its path.  You'll find that this works when crossContext="true" for both
> these apps, and therefore the Vignette claim is bogus.

>>Ok, I'll ask Vignette if we can provide you with their product and
>>our bug-demo application. ;)

I was joking here. ;)

In fact, I haven kindly asked them to provide us with a demo (including
source) to demonstrate the "bug" in tomcat.

PS: Even tough they seem to have a policy that employees must not post
in public forums, they definitely follow our thread here.

I'm quite curios whats coming up next.
Thank you

Andreas Steffan

T: +49.40.80 81 69-634
F: +49.40.80 81 69-808

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