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From Andreas Steffan <>
Subject Re: Bug with contextInitialized using otherServletContext.getContext ?
Date Mon, 15 Nov 2004 18:57:26 GMT
Hallo Yoav,

Shapira, Yoav wrote:
> Hi,
> First, if you stick with 4.1, you might want to try 4.1.31 instead of
> 4.1.27 as it's the latest stable release.

Meanwhile, I have checked tomcat 4.1.31 and 5.0.27. Same "problem"
occurs with both of them.

> However, I don't think what you're reporting is a bug, and so 4.1.27 vs
> 4.1.31 doesn't matter for this specific issue.  The reason I don't think
> it's a bug is that webapp initialization order is not guaranteed: it may
> simply be the context you're trying to get hasn't been initialized yet,
> so a null return is valid.  Your code should be tolerant of it (and
> defer registration, throw an error, or whatever you want).  That also
> means a Servlet's init method isn't guaranteed to return the context
> object, because it might be called before the container even starts
> initializing another webapp.

The application (portlet-application) getting the contextInitialized()
event is using another apps (the portals) ServletContext.getContext() to
obtain a reference to the portlet-applications ServletContext and fails
because of the null return value.

Are you sure this is not a bug in tomcat ?

Vignette claims its a bug in tomcat (and says that Websphere and
Weblogic return the "expected" reference).
best regards,

Andreas Steffan

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