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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Enhancement: mod_jk-Logging
Date Tue, 09 Nov 2004 07:44:51 GMT
Hi Mladen, hi everyone,

i have a proposal for a slight enhancement concerning the log format of
mod_jk. Maybe you could consider including it in your recently revised 
code. It contains only changes to jk_util.c and I attach a patch relativ 
to version 1.32 of the file.

1) Include the log level of a message in the log line. That should be
easy and is very helpful to find relevant messages. It is pretty 
standard and much more safe than relying on the fact, that most error 
messages actually contain the word error in the message text.

2) Include the PID of the logging process in the log file. That helps a
lot at least for Apache 1.3, because one can also log the PID in Apaches 
access log. So it is easier to relate request info from access log lines 
and errors from mod_jk log lines to each other. Also it helps to 
unmangle, if log lines from several parallel requests are mixed inside 

The patch is small, but since I'm not a very experienced C developer 
please check. I borrowed a define for Netware for getpid() from Apache's 
code. Not sure if it will work for Netware, or if configure needs to be
enhanced, if we use getpid(). It builds well on Solaris.

Thank's for considering.

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