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From NormW <>
Subject Re: Newest JK commits
Date Mon, 08 Nov 2004 20:00:47 GMT
Mladen Turk wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've done some JK commits that I've been testing for a long time.
> The major addition is socket timeout that was missing, causing
> couple of minutes delays on some platforms if tomcat was down.
> Also I've back ported the load balance algorithm from proxy_balancer,
> that actually does what it should.
> For example the A:lb_factor=5 and B:lb_factor=1 will now give five
> times more requests to host A.
> I have also changed one very misleading directive (socket_timeout)
> to recycle_timeout. The socket_timeout directive is now what it
> should be (the timeout for the socket), while the recycle_timeout is
> the inactive socket timeout.
> I have also revert Jean-Frederic's latest map_free changes (by mistake).
> Further more IMO we should prefix all public functions using jk_.
> That's about it.
> I have tested all patches on unix and win32. What I'd like to see is
> if I broke something on AIX (Henry ?) and Netware (Norm, Guenter?)
> Cheers,
> MLaden.
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Good morning,
Missed a patch perhaps?
A build on Apache 2.1 shows symbols F_GETFL, F_SETFL as undefined and a 
text search through the JTC source tree finds the only references in 

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