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From Ben Souther <>
Subject [doc] First App -> Example App
Date Wed, 24 Nov 2004 03:20:16 GMT

The "Example App" link at the end of the "First App" tutorial is a bit
misleading when viewed off the Apache site from the web.

When you click on it, it displays an Apache directory listing.
>>From there, you can drill into the src directory to get
the servlet code but when you try to drill into the web directory
the index.html page gets shown and leads the viewer into thinking that
this is a working app.  It's not.  When you click on the "To a servlet"
link you see a 404 error and when you click on the "To a JSP page" link
you see the JSP code (which looks like the output from a JSP page
displayed as text because there are no JSP scriptlet tags in it).

I understand that the intent is for the viewer install TC, follow the
entire tutorial and actually deploy the examples to his/her own machine,
and then run it from there, but a casual surfer (or worse a struggling
newbie) will just see this as a non-working app with broken links.

Has anyone considered building the app, WARing it up, and putting an
index.html page at
with a link to the war file and some basic instructions for either
running or unpacking the file to get to the src that goes with the

If this is a good idea, I'd be willing to build the war files and HTML

- Ben

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