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From Amy Roh <>
Subject Re: I broke this (I think), but I don't know quite why...
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2004 19:09:20 GMT
I'm looking at it now.  I think I know why.  I'll commit the fix into both 
branches when I confirm.


> Shapira, Yoav wrote:
>>As shows, I
>>apparently broke the admin webapp when I made it compile with Struts 1.2
>>for Tomcat 5.0.30.  I've looked at it for a bit, and I can't quite
>>figure out why it's broken or how to fix it quickly, probably because my
>>Struts knowledge is not where it should be.
>>The are where they used to be, properly
>>packaged in the catalina-admin.jar and on the classpath.  I didn't
>>change any of the struts config files either.  So I'm a bit puzzled as
>>to why this is broken and would appreciate hints on a fix.
> I remember similar issues, but I forgot the cause, sorry :(
> Hopefully I'll remember.
>>The reason I'm asking now (and copying Amy, my admin webapp guru -- Amy
>>I hope you don't mind the personal email), is that I made the same code
>>changes for Tomcat 5.5.5, which is slated to be released in about 48
> Are there similar issues in that branch ?
> It works for me (running from my build folder, which doesn't prove much).
> Rémy
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