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From "Steve Appling" <>
Subject Coyote Connector - Disabling compression for a specific servlet
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2004 16:11:58 GMT
I have an application where I would like to disable gzip compression for a few specific pages
servlets.  I originally planned to use a servlet filter to remove gzip from the accept-encoding
header on the request, but this won't work.  The container code that needs to check this
(isCompressable method on Http11Processor) doesn't see the filtered request headers, but does
the response headers (this makes sense in retrospect).

What does everyone think about supporting a special response header that could be used to
compression on a particular request (something like X-NoCompress)?  I'm not sure if there
is a
header used for something like this in other applications.  I know there are stand-alone hardware
boxes sold to handle HTTP compression outside of the web server.  Do any of them support a
mechanism to disable compression on a per request basis?

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