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From "Dominik Drzewiecki" <>
Subject Re: JMX Remote connection
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2004 06:41:42 GMT
>> Hi,
>> Not sure what's the new policy for loading the Jmx RMI connector. 
>> was a hack - and now that it is removed, I was 
>> wandering if 
>> we have any "official" mechanism.
> At the moment, is still used (we're just not shipping the 
> default one).  It should be possible to configure JkMX via Connector 
> attributes.
>> I had a small class that hooked in the connector, and I now refactored 
>> it 
>> to a webapp - nothing fancy ( it's not even "trusted" ), only loads 
>> rmiregistry and the jmx connector. I can check it in if there's no 
>> other
>> mechanism, it's very helpfull ( especially with JDK1.4/MX4j - in 5.0 
>> there 
>> are the cli options )

Why don't we dump the JkMX and just settle for the facilities provided by 
Java 5 configurable via standard system properties: alone for local JVM monioring

for remote machine monitoring.

I checked both myself with jconsole shipped with Java 5. It works like a 
charm (apart from increased CPU Load on the machine the jconsole runs).
MC4J 1.2 B5 has no problems with attaching to remote JVM either, hovewer it 
has some issues with mbeans provided by JVM, MC4J folks are aware of.

The bottomline is: consider dumping o.a.jk.c.JkMX (I know, I know there is 
number of users wishing to run tomcat on JVM <1.5)


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