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Subject RE: making building releases easier?
Date Sun, 10 Oct 2004 14:15:50 GMT
Actually, I would prefer fixing and submitting these myself so I can get
used to the code in tomcat.  thanks for the offer though.

tomcat 5 - I am a moron.  I didn't realize since building tomcat 5 from
the head was made easier that maybe someone made building the official
release easier also(I see now it is only 5 steps...SWEEEEEEET!!!).  I will
just change to tomcat 5.

ps. There are three official releases of tomcat 5

How is it that 5.0.29 is beta and 5.0.28 is not???

> From: Dean Hiller []
>> Is it possible to make building tomcat official releases
>> easier.  Building from the cvs head is cake, but building
>> 4.1.30 is a 27 step process.
> I assume you mean TC5 is a lot easier than TC4. One possible shortcut is
> to use
> a TC4 installation to get all the libraries you need. As for improving the
> TC4
> build scripts, patches are always welcome although it is worth remembering
> that
> TC5 is the focus of effort for the majority of tomcat developers.
>> I basically wanted to change line 533 of PageContextImpl
>> because I believe there is a bug there(t is not reported at
>> all to the user so the real root cause is still hidden from
>> the users).
> There are some changes to the error dispatching valve in 4.1.31 that _may_
> help
> you here. 4.1.31 will be released very shortly. In the mean time you can
> always
> gets rc2 from
> Alternatively, if you have a simple test case (with or without struts)
> open a
> bugzilla item, add the test case and I will have a look at it.
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