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From Dave Oxley <>
Subject Re: DO NOT REPLY [Bug 31677] - Cannot undeploy and deploy war file with on the same context
Date Tue, 12 Oct 2004 22:45:48 GMT

Maybe this is me just misunderstanding how the new anti locking code 
works. I've seen comments on another issue that it works the same way as 
JBoss. If thats the case the jars must be copied and loaded from 
elsewhere (a temporary directory with a temporary name) and only deleted 
when Tomcat is next started. Is this correct or does it work differently?


Remy Maucherat wrote:

> Dave Oxley wrote:
>> Remy,
>> I'm sorry that you feel my comments were not constructive. My app 
>> uses Log4j and mail.jar to send an email when the server starts up.
>> With antiJARLocking set:
>> An undeploy leaves mail.jar and I am unable to delete it without 
>> stopping Tomcat.
>> With antiResourceLocking set:
>> Stopping Tomcat (I didn't do an undeploy), the webapp is deleted 
>> except for ALL jars which are left in the lib directory. Also the 
>> server/webapps/admin and server/webapps/manager folders are deleted 
>> but this maybe because I manually added the Contexts to server.xml. 
>> Please note I didn't do an undeploy.
>> I've attached the server.xml I'm using. When did you last test the 
>> deploy/undeploy on Windows? Maybe it broke recently. Also I have had 
>> no such problems with TC5.5 under Linux but I do not have either 
>> antiJARLocking or antiResourceLocking set as I have never required 
>> them under Linux. I think the bug should be reopened. 
> Don't bother reopening your "bug", or I'll mark it as INVALID again.
> I am not interested in debugging either your setup or your webapp, 
> since what you describe cannot possibly occur if you have set the 
> parameters that you mention you have set. I have mentioned what I used 
> for testing. How about trying that on a clean environment, and see if 
> it works ?
> Rémy
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