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From Peter Rossbach>
Subject Re: [5.5] Todo list
Date Tue, 05 Oct 2004 12:10:49 GMT
Hey Remy,

very good new items.

It was very usefull that all elements can get time events. Then it was 
very easy to
control some reloading or monitoring things.

Yes, we can refactor the current AccessLogger. Let us have a look to the 
Apache httpd Module.
       Asynch mode very welcome
       Better support for Unix rotatelogs
       Faster output generation without patter parseing on every request.

Following I want to add:
    - wrote a better save-to-xml way
          I have factor out the current StandardServer method to 
separate  saving objects.
          Currently my module working well, but I have problems with the 
new default context.xml handling.
          I want contribute the new code as seperate module. Configure 
the new thing with seperate Listener and MBean.
          After a while of successful testing, we can remove the current 
StandardServer routines.

Remy Maucherat schrieb:

> Remy Maucherat wrote:
>> My todo list currently includes:
>> - A simple host manager webapp (with Ant tasks)
>> - A String cache for MessageBytes (which could be enabled using a 
>> special system property)
>> - Decent default java.util.logging configuration
>> - Default JMX Remote configuration for Java 5 (ready to enable by 
>> uncommenting stuff)
>> - Allowing pluggability for commons-modeler
> Adding new items:
> - Extend the backgroundProcess() method to most other components, 
> including: Valve, Loader, Realm, etc; 
> ContainerBase.backgroundProcess() will call these methods
> - Use this to try to provide an optimized version of the access 
> logging valve (access logging is likely used in production for 
> standalone Tomcat, and it has very bad performance right now) which 
> would do asynchronous writes to its file (and hopefully be more 
> efficient)
> Rémy
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