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From Kurt Miller <>
Subject Re: JK Todo List
Date Mon, 11 Oct 2004 13:56:47 GMT
From: "Henri Gomez" <>
> Well JK using APR will be a good solution for every webservers but Apache
> Apache 2.x came with APR,  IIS, Domino and others should have no
> problems to use an external APR library (.so, .dll).
> So the remaining question will be shoud we drop Apache 1.3.x support
> in future JK 1.2.x or should we start a 'new' APR JK 1.2.x based
> implementation ?

I think there are two other options. I've listed all them in my order
of preference.

1) Don't APR'ize JK and keep Apache 1.3 support
2) APR'ize JK
3) start a new APR JK 1.2 based
4) drop Apache 1.3 support

I'd like to keep Apache 1.3 support going longer. If 1 is ruled
out, I'd want APR to be build separately and loaded via the
LoadFile directive. The JK2 integrated build of APR and
static linking is/was to complex. If there's consensus to go
with option 2, I would be willing to do the work on the Apache
1.3 native build.


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