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From Kan Deng <>
Subject Question about the connection between Apache and Tomcat with JK
Date Thu, 23 Sep 2004 07:07:51 GMT
Hi, there, 

Apache is a C application while Tomcat is in pure Java. Would you
please complain the mechanism for the communication between these two?
Especially, does it use shared memory or a temporary file or sockets?

In details,  

1. It is feasible and straightforward to implement if using a
temporary file as the media for IPC. However, its performance is a
concern, due to the disk I/O.

2. If using shared memory, questions are, (1) Since Tomcat is in pure
Java, what jdk APIs can be used to the access shared memory with
specified address?

  (2) How to control the memory size? Say when a large amount data
being communicated, how to handle the overfilling? Or, if the memory
size allocated for the shared memory is too large, then obviously
there is a waste in most cases.

3. If using sockets, jdk 1.4 has only socket for TCP and UDP. But when
the apache and tomcat are deployed in the same machine, isn't it an
overhead to go down to the lower layers when sending data stream, and
go upwards when receiving data?

Would you please give me a conceptual explanation or a pointer to some
documents, and in addition what classes in Tomcat source code handling
this IPC as well as the C modules of Apache?

Many thanks,

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