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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject classloader
Date Fri, 24 Sep 2004 14:40:41 GMT
I had a small vacation, and managed to make some of the changes in the 
classloader/module area. I'm not completely done - but I want to 
eventually start checking in some of the code ( if nobody objects ).

To avoid breaking anything, I started a new package ( 
o.a.tomcat.util.loader ), and started with the existing classes, with 
small refactorings.

- WebappClassLoader
- Bootstrap
- CatalinaProperties
plus some extra classes to support jboss ( or m-let) style loading.

I tried to remove all dependencies outside JDK1.4 - the package is
very small, and I think it's ok to not use commons-logging or jmx in 
this area. Apache.naming and jmx functionality is added via hooks - 
after the server loader ( now "repository" ) is started.

I think this will improve a bit the code structure - currently we have a 
bit of a mess in how we select some classes in the bin/ jars.

I'm not planning any change in the existing code - except adding few 
classes and code to allow the new loader to be used ( as an option ) 
instead of the old one.

My goal ( which is not yet completely done ) is to support "modules" for
connectors/interceptors/etc - with reloading and all the cool stuff, and 
make this integrable with existing systems ( jboss, other jmx/mlet based 
  applications, eclipse ). Instead of having the entire tomcat as one 
chunk of code ( plus all the depenencies ) integrated in one plugin, it 
should be possible to add a smaller subset and then have 
connectors/auth/etc as separate plugins.

Please let me know if this is ok with you - I'll have another long trip 
in mid Oct. and I hope to get this done, but if there are problems with 
what I'm trying to do ( or conflicts with other plans ), I would 
appreciate feedback before I waste the time :-)


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