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Subject Re: IIS Connector and chunked encoding
Date Mon, 13 Sep 2004 13:39:29 GMT
>> I've found what I believe is a bug in the 2.0.4 connector for IIS that
>> prevents it from handling a POST with a transfer encoding of "chunked"

> Issue been mentioned couple of times:

> This is 2.0.5 pre-release (if the 2.0.5 ever sees daylight :).


Thanks for the dll Mladen.  I downloaded it and discovered that the build
from 4/3/2004 in this zip is the same one I'm running.  I'd downloaded
yours a couple months ago after seeing one of the bug discussions in a
search, then proceeded to forget that I'd done that when I posted last week
(sorry).  So my current test case with the chunked encoding problem is also
failing on this build.  Today I'll get the source for my local build from
CVS instead of the 2.0.4 src zip, and put in the same debugging log probes
I've been using into that source to see what the current scoop is.  Let me
know if there's anything I can supply you or can do during the testing that
you'd like to see.  I should know more today, as I actually have time to
spend on this, and finding it will cure an infrequent production problem
we're having with a new vendor that hits this.  Once I know more I'll post

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