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Subject Re: IIS Connector and chunked encoding
Date Mon, 13 Sep 2004 18:38:44 GMT
>>Well, I wouldn't spend much time trying to fix it, cause we'll probably
>>drop the jk2 altogether, and focus on jk for platforms other then
>>apache 2.2. The apache 2.2 will have it's own connector inside standard

>>So either the provided dll works or not. Of course you may do with the
>>jk2 code whatever you wish, as long as you comply to the Apache 2
>>license :).


Thanks for the info.  By the time I read your last email, I already had a
patch that works
for me, although I don't like it a whole lot :-)  I didn't realize the
plan might be to go back to JK - that's good to know.

Anyway, I have a patch that makes two small changes in jk_service_iis.c
that together make the already existing chunked encoding code work in my
case.  We're gonna do some internal testing on the changes by throwing
messages of varying sizes at it tomorrow.  If you have any interest in the
changes made, I can send you the patch direct, or open a bugzilla and
post the patch as an attachment, or some other method of your choice, just
let me know.  There are two new small if statements, and one of them I'm
comfortable with - if you are interested I'd love to discuss whether
there's a
cleaner way to do what I'm after.  That's assuming of course that the point
isn't moot :-)

If you want to get into an in-depth discussion, I also have before, during
after debug traces in jk2.log for this particular test case.

Thanks again for your time and info.

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