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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: [5.5] Packaging
Date Tue, 24 Aug 2004 20:02:44 GMT
Remy Maucherat wrote:
> I'm planning to do the following changes to packaging:
> - removing commons-launcher from the final distribution (I see little 
> use of it, since we have good scripts and native wrappers available); it 
> will stay as a dependency to launch stuff during the build process
> - new release archives based on the contents of the "compat" folder, for 
> JRE 1.4 users (the default distributions will be for JRE 5.0)

Is JRE1.5 final available ? Last I checked it was still beta.

I think it's a good idea to keep 1.4 as default target at least until 
1.5 is out of beta.

Are you going to include xerces or just leave it out and tell 1.3 users 
to download an xml parser and install it in common/lib ?

> - new release archives for the admin webapp (= not in the main archive; 
> not everyone uses it, and it's quite large)

Not sure what that means :-).

> - the Windows installer will remain the same for now (= an offline 
> installer), as I don't see how to make it an online installer and still 
> respect the mirror scheme we use
> Rémy

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