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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 5.0.28 release
Date Fri, 13 Aug 2004 14:54:37 GMT
To clarify: I wasn't proposing to remove the separate product 
installation and runtime, but the contrary - to make that the default.

Right now tomcat operates in 2 modes - one where CATALINA_HOME is
identical with CATALINA_BASE, and one where you have them separate ( 
like you use ).

I think it would be cleaner if separate mode will be the default, with 
the runtime files always in a separate hierarchy. But it's more of a 
cosmetic change.


Rainer Jung wrote:
> We are using it also and it is very helpful.
> It is one of the standard product features of a container to be able to 
> seperate container product installation from runtime instance specific 
> files.
> It works very nicely with tomcat. We can even allow instance admins to 
> extend TC by changing to an alternate file 
> (classloader definitions). It's not just a question of users sharing the 
> base installation.
> I have a small enhancement request: we regularly change to 
> include a file from CATALINA_BASE/bin if it exists. We 
> do this immediately after CATALINA_TEMPDIR is set. This way all 
> instances share the same and instance specific commandline 
> flags (memory sizing,, ...) can be done in the 
> instance local without changing the product installation.
> Please keep the separation of product installation and runtime instance.
> Rainer Jung
> kippdata informationstechnologie
> George Sexton wrote:
>>> How about stopping support for that scenario?  I mean drop the 
>>> CATALINA_BASE versus CATALINA_HOME feature, (or set them to always 
>>> equal each other, if we want to leave them in the code base), and 
>>> don't allow users to share installations except by the user home 
>>> directory valve.
>> I am really against this. I use CATALINA_HOME and CATALINA_BASE. The 
>> reason
>> that I use them is that they provide a clean way of upgrading 
>> frequently. It
>> lets me maintain a stock Tomcat Directory, with all of my customization
>> (conf files, etc) in a separate directory.
>> Please don't drop this functinality.
>> George Sexton
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