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Subject JK2 ISAPI Reconfiguration not working?
Date Wed, 11 Aug 2004 10:48:12 GMT

I'm using JK2-ISAPI 2.0.4 in a IIS6, communicating via AJP13 wih the
There is a section saying that one can reconfigure the JK2 at runtime, say
to drain or disable a Tomcat node.
I've tried to reconfigure JK2 via configfile and JMX.

1. Via configfile, it displays that the file has changed in the scoreboard,
but doesn't update the settings.

2. Via JMX, the JK2 takes the changes, but it doesn't write the configfile
( as mentioned in
so other threads have no chance to get the changes - which I'd doubt the'd
do anyway, because of point 1.

Has anyone similar experiences, or, better, has anyone got
runtime-reconfiguration working on W2k3, IIS6 (IIS6-Mode) and JK2.0.4 ?

Bjoern Andersen

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