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From John Gentilin <>
Subject BUG: mod_jk2 can't handle %2f in URL Path
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2004 01:04:21 GMT
After installing mod_jk to test my server under a productions system, I 
that if the URI contains a %2f in  the URL path, mod_jk2, or possibly 
ignores the URI mapping to the Web Application Server (Tomcat 4.1.30)

Note: I am using the latest source release of mod_jk2, Apache 2.0.50 and
Tomcat 4.1.30.

So say if you have the following mapping in your

and you use the full URL

the URI mapping will be completely ignored.  I think if you take any working
URL mapping and insert or append the characters "%2f", the mapping will
fail and you will get a 404 error from Apache, not Tomcat where you would
expect it.

Now I hesitate and think it may be an Apache bug because if the &2f shows up
as part of the value for a parameter, the URI mapping will succeed. i.e.

Works just fine, its only when the %2f shows up up in the path section 
of the URI.

Also when I test my servlet under the standalone (port 8080) listener, 
the system
works just fine and the &2f in the URL path works just fine.


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