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From Jess Holle <>
Subject Re: Where's 4.1.31?
Date Fri, 20 Aug 2004 18:50:10 GMT
Cox, Charlie wrote:

>I really hate comments like this. I'm glad you have plenty of free time to
>upgrade to 5.x.
Sorry to rankle you, but let's be honest -- if you want to be able to 
move forward you have to keep looking ahead.  Either your app is so 
portable (and likely thus rather simple) that feel you can just snag the 
latest servlet engine du jour and use it -- or you keep an eye to (and 
some testing time slated for) future versions of servlet engines (and 
other components) you use.

If your app is in pure maintenance mode and you're not moving it 
forward, then by all means pull back 1 patch at a time as appropriate.

>So right now from a business perspective, upgrading because it's there is
>not a reason to upgrade. If I perceive that 4.x is slow for my application,
>then I have a reason to upgrade. If I need the new listeners, status
>monitor, or other enhancements, then I will consider an upgrade.
Getting all the bug fixes that would be in a hypothetical 4.1.31 (and 
setting yourself up to get those that would be in a hypothetical 4.1.32 
and those that are already in 5.0.27 for that matter) are quite possibly 
ample reasons for one to upgrade -- and are a lot more than "because it 
is there".

Jess Holle

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