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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-tomcat-connectors/ajp/proxy mod_proxy.c
Date Wed, 04 Aug 2004 15:59:07 GMT
Mladen Turk wrote:

> IMO we could perhaps use exiting Proxy:
> <Proxy balancer://myCluster>
>    BalancerMember ajp://host1:port [balancer params]
>    etc...
> </Proxy>
> Or..
> <Proxy balancer://myCluser[/StickySessionName]>
>    BalancerMember http://host1:port [balancer params]
>    etc ...
> </Proxy>

I just looked at the manual for <Proxy> - it defines config that is 
common to a particular part of the URL space (it seems to refer to the 
backend URL space).

As the URL defined in <Proxy> must match the URL defined in ProxyPass, 
sticking stuff on the end of it like the StickySessionName would 
probably cause hassles and confusion. Rather have a directive for 
sticksession, or add it as an option to the ProxyBalancer directive.

I am still mulling over whether using <Proxy> is a good idea, initially 
I thought not, but thinking about it some more it's making sense.

The idea of this kind of config seems to work, what do you think? Is 
this how you've done it?

<Proxy balancer://myCluster/myWebapp>
   ProxyBalancer http://host1:port1/myWebapp
   ProxyBalancer http://host2:port2/myWebapp

ProxyPass /myWebapp balancer://myCluster/myWebapp

You can even do funky mixing and matching of protocols inside the load 
balancer, like this:

<Proxy balancer://myCluster/myWebapp>
   ProxyBalancer ajp://host1:port1/myWebapp
   ProxyBalancer http://host2:port2/theServerIsDown


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