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From "Mladen Turk" <>
Subject RE: cvs commit: jakarta-tomcat-connectors/ajp/proxy mod_proxy.h
Date Wed, 04 Aug 2004 12:27:19 GMT

Graham Leggett wrote:
> >   Log:
> >   Remove proxyhost and proxyport from pre_request hook.
> >   They are not needed for finding apropriate worker.
> They are needed for the use of mod_proxy as a forward proxy.
> The correct way of handling these in the AJP case is to 
> DECLINE the request if proxyhost and proxyport are present, 
> because in this case the request is supposed to be handled by 
> proxy_http.

The removed proxyhost and port are from new hook 'pre_request' that is used
to obtain a valid worker and/or balancer for a scheme.
It has nothing to do with the way the connection is going to be made.

The load balancer if present will decide to which route (worker) the
connection is going to be made or return HTTP_SERVER_BUSY, if no further
connection to the cluster can be made.
If there is no load balancer or it returns DECLINED then the worker will be
pulled out from the created set of workers during ProxyPass initialization.
I've changed ProxyPass from TAKE12 to RAW_ARGS, so that you can directly
initialize connection pool without load balancer (if not required for

The way that the worker connects to backend depends on scheme handler itself
(direct or via proxy).
The worker connection itself will be either bound to the client connection
(http) or to a backend connection (ajp), and that is also set in scheme
I have to figure out how to effectively skip that for ftp scheme handler.


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