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From "Mladen Turk" <>
Subject RE: Mod_ajp initial
Date Sun, 01 Aug 2004 09:46:24 GMT

Alexander Lazic wrote:
> >
> >Since we plan to developp an AJP library, it will ease the task for 
> >ajp_proxy and we could validate many points like this and have a 
> >release rate independant from the HTTPD 2.0/2.1 rr.
> Well does you plan to bind this library to apr?

Yes, but also to the libhttpd.

> I ask because i want to use tomcat without 
> apache-httpd-webserver and therefore it would be nice if the 
> lib don't depend on to many or to great libs.

You can take a look at current development at j-t-c/ajp and http_wrap that
mimics the libhttpd functionality and enables console apps to behave like a
http server.

> I plan to use this webserver:

You will have to write your own implementation of the ap_xxx functions
Since almost all web servers tend to behave similar, using HTTP protocol you
will need to find a way to rewrite the apache API on top of your web server
Exactly the same will be done if we eventually decide to make a IIS or any
other server support. We will expect that IIS behaves like Apache2 does, not
modifying libajp but rather writing httpd_iis_wrap.

This is the fundamental difference from JK/JK2 where we had our own web
server abstraction layer and API. Ajp will use only the Apache2 API and
nothing more.
Writing apache2 wrapper shouldn't be such a big deal, cause in any web
server you have headers, output and input stream, etc...


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